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Heuristic Feature Selection for Clickbait Detection

by   Matti Wiegmann, et al.

We study feature selection as a means to optimize the baseline clickbait detector employed at the Clickbait Challenge 2017. The challenge's task is to score the "clickbaitiness" of a given Twitter tweet on a scale from 0 (no clickbait) to 1 (strong clickbait). Unlike most other approaches submitted to the challenge, the baseline approach is based on manual feature engineering and does not compete out of the box with many of the deep learning-based approaches. We show that scaling up feature selection efforts to heuristically identify better-performing feature subsets catapults the performance of the baseline classifier to second rank overall, beating 12 other competing approaches and improving over the baseline performance by 20 demonstrates that traditional classification approaches can still keep up with deep learning on this task.


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