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"Having 2 hours to write a paper is fun!": Detecting Sarcasm in Numerical Portions of Text

by   Lakshya Kumar, et al.
IIT Bombay

Sarcasm occurring due to the presence of numerical portions in text has been quoted as an error made by automatic sarcasm detection approaches in the past. We present a first study in detecting sarcasm in numbers, as in the case of the sentence 'Love waking up at 4 am'. We analyze the challenges of the problem, and present Rule-based, Machine Learning and Deep Learning approaches to detect sarcasm in numerical portions of text. Our Deep Learning approach outperforms four past works for sarcasm detection and Rule-based and Machine learning approaches on a dataset of tweets, obtaining an F1-score of 0.93. This shows that special attention to text containing numbers may be useful to improve state-of-the-art in sarcasm detection.


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