Harpocrates: Anonymous Data Publication in Named Data Networking

by   Md Washik Al Azad, et al.
University of Nebraska at Omaha

Named-Data Networking (NDN), a prominent realization of the Information-Centric Networking (ICN) vision, offers a request-response communication model where data is identified based on application-defined names at the network layer. This amplifies the ability of censoring authorities to restrict user access to certain data/websites/applications and monitor user requests. The majority of existing NDN-based frameworks have focused on enabling users in a censoring network to access data available outside of this network, without considering how data producers in a censoring network can make their data available to users outside of this network. This problem becomes especially challenging, since the NDN communication paths are symmetric, while producers are mandated to sign the data they generate and identify their certificates. In this paper, we propose Harpocrates, an NDN-based framework for anonymous data publication under censorship conditions. Harpocrates enables producers in censoring networks to produce and make their data available to users outside of these networks while remaining anonymous to censoring authorities. Our evaluation demonstrates that Harpocrates achieves anonymous data publication under different settings, being able to identify and adapt to censoring actions.


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