Harmonization and interoperability of C-ITS Architectures in Europe and USA

10/14/2020 ∙ by Areti Kotsi, et al. ∙ 0

Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS) constitute technologies which enable vehicles to communicate with each other and/ or with the infrastructure. C-ITS include systems and services which use different components, in order to share and exchange information via diverse communication interfaces. Since various C-ITS deployment initiatives have taken place during the last years all over the world, the necessity to identify a framework, in order to ensure interoperability of C-ITS across borders is currently in sight constituting a challenging task. Such an approach should rely on the deployment of C-ITS services based on common architectures and standards, pursuing harmonization and interoperability. The current paper aims to present the work conducted in the context of a United States (US) - European Commission (EC) collaboration on the development of harmonized and interoperable C-ITS architectures.



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