Handwritten and Printed Text Segmentation: A Signature Case Study

by   Sina Gholamian, et al.

While analyzing scanned documents, handwritten text can overlay printed text. This causes difficulties during the optical character recognition (OCR) and digitization process of documents, and subsequently, hurts downstream NLP tasks. Prior research either focuses only on the binary classification of handwritten text, or performs a three-class segmentation of the document, i.e., recognition of handwritten, printed, and background pixels. This results in the assignment of the handwritten and printed overlapping pixels to only one of the classes, and thus, they are not accounted for in the other class. Thus, in this research, we develop novel approaches for addressing the challenges of handwritten and printed text segmentation with the goal of recovering text in different classes in whole, especially improving the segmentation performance on the overlapping parts. As such, to facilitate with this task, we introduce a new dataset, SignaTR6K, collected from real legal documents, as well as a new model architecture for handwritten and printed text segmentation task. Our best configuration outperforms the prior work on two different datasets by 17.9 7.3


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