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Hand and Body Blockage Measurements with Form-Factor User Equipment at 28 GHz

by   Vasanthan Raghavan, et al.

Blockage by the human hand/body is an important impairment in realizing practical millimeter wave wireless systems. Prior works on blockage modeling are either based on theoretical studies of double knife edge diffraction or its modifications, high-frequency simulations of electromagnetic effects, or measurements with experimental millimeter wave prototypes. While such studies are useful, they do not capture the form-factor constraints of user equipments (UEs). In this work, we study the impact of hand/body blockage with a UE at 28 GHz built on Qualcomm's millimeter wave modem, antenna modules and beamforming solutions. We report five exhaustive and controlled studies with different types of hand holdings/grips, antenna types, and with directional/narrow beams. For both hard as well as loose hand grips, we report considerably lower blockage loss estimates than prior works. Critical in estimating the loss is the definition of a "region of interest" (RoI) around the UE where the impact of the hand/body is seen. Towards this goal, we define a RoI that includes the spatial area where significant energy is seen in either the no blockage or blockage modes. Our studies show that significant spatial area coverage improvement can be seen with loose hand grip due to hand reflections.


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