HAMLET: A Hierarchical Agent-based Machine Learning Platform

10/10/2020 ∙ by Ahmad Esmaeili, et al. ∙ 0

Hierarchical Multi-Agent Systems provide a convenient and relevant way to analyze, model, and simulate complex systems in which a large number of entities are interacting at different levels of abstraction. In this paper, we introduce HAMLET (Hierarchical Agent-based Machine LEarning plaTform), a platform based on hierarchical multi-agent systems, to facilitate the research and democratization of machine learning entities distributed geographically or locally. This is carried out by firstly modeling the machine learning solutions as a hypergraph and then autonomously setting up a multi-level structure composed of heterogeneous agents based on their innate capabilities and learned skills. HAMLET aids the design and management of machine learning systems and provides analytical capabilities for the research communities to assess the existing and/or new algorithms/datasets through flexible and customizable queries. The proposed platform does not assume restrictions on the type of machine learning algorithms/datasets and is theoretically proven to be sound and complete with polynomial computational requirements. Additionally, it is examined empirically on 120 training and four generalized batch testing tasks performed on 24 machine learning algorithms and 9 standard datasets. The experimental results provided not only establish confidence in the platform's consistency and correctness but also demonstrates its testing and analytical capacity.



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