Hamiltonian Q-Learning: Leveraging Importance-sampling for Data Efficient RL

by   Udari Madhushani, et al.

Model-free reinforcement learning (RL), in particular Q-learning is widely used to learn optimal policies for a variety of planning and control problems. However, when the underlying state-transition dynamics are stochastic and high-dimensional, Q-learning requires a large amount of data and incurs a prohibitively high computational cost. In this paper, we introduce Hamiltonian Q-Learning, a data efficient modification of the Q-learning approach, which adopts an importance-sampling based technique for computing the Q function. To exploit stochastic structure of the state-transition dynamics, we employ Hamiltonian Monte Carlo to update Q function estimates by approximating the expected future rewards using Q values associated with a subset of next states. Further, to exploit the latent low-rank structure of the dynamic system, Hamiltonian Q-Learning uses a matrix completion algorithm to reconstruct the updated Q function from Q value updates over a much smaller subset of state-action pairs. By providing an efficient way to apply Q-learning in stochastic, high-dimensional problems, the proposed approach broadens the scope of RL algorithms for real-world applications, including classical control tasks and environmental monitoring.


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