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Half-Positional Objectives Recognized by Deterministic Büchi Automata

by   Patricia Bouyer, et al.

A central question in the theory of two-player games over graphs is to understand which objectives are half-positional, that is, which are the objectives for which the protagonist does not need memory to implement winning strategies. Objectives for which both players do not need memory have already been characterized (both in finite and infinite graphs). However, less is known about half-positional objectives. In particular, no characterization of half-positionality is known for the central class of omega-regular objectives. In this paper, we characterize objectives recognizable by deterministic Büchi automata (a class of omega-regular objectives) that are half-positional, in both finite and infinite graphs. Our characterization consists of three natural conditions linked to the language-theoretic notion of right congruence. Furthermore, this characterization yields a polynomial-time algorithm to decide half-positionality of an objective recognized by a given deterministic Büchi automaton.


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