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Hacking with God: a Common Programming Language of Robopsychology and Robophilosophy

by   Norbert Bátfai, et al.

This note is a sketch of how the concept of robopsychology and robophilosophy could be reinterpreted and repositioned in the spirit of the original vocation of psychology and philosophy. The notion of the robopsychology as a fictional science and a fictional occupation was introduced by Asimov in the middle of the last century. The robophilosophy, on the other hand, is only a few years old today. But at this moment, none of these new emerging disciplines focus on the fundamental and overall issues of the development of artificial general intelligence. Instead, they focus only on issues that, although are extremely important, play a complementary role, such as moral or ethical ones, rather than the big questions of life. We try to outline a conception in which the robophilosophy and robopsychology will be able to play a similar leading rule in the progress of artificial intelligence than the philosophy and psychology have done in the progress of human intelligence. To facilitate this, we outline the idea of a visual artificial language and interactive theorem prover-based computer application called Prime Convo Assistant. The question to be decided in the future is whether we can develop such an application. And if so, can we build a computer game on it, or even an esport game? It may be an interesting question in order for this game will be able to transform human thinking on the widest possible social scale and will be able to develop a standard mathematical logic-based communication channel between human and machine intelligence.


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