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Guided Proceduralization: Optimizing Geometry Processing and Grammar Extraction for Architectural Models

by   Ilke Demir, et al.

We describe a guided proceduralization framework that optimizes geometry processing on architectural input models to extract target grammars. We aim to provide efficient artistic workflows by creating procedural representations from existing 3D models, where the procedural expressiveness is controlled by the user. Architectural reconstruction and modeling tasks have been handled as either time consuming manual processes or procedural generation with difficult control and artistic influence. We bridge the gap between creation and generation by converting existing manually modeled architecture to procedurally editable parametrized models, and carrying the guidance to procedural domain by letting the user define the target procedural representation. Additionally, we propose various applications of such procedural representations, including guided completion of point cloud models, controllable 3D city modeling, and other benefits of procedural modeling.


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