Guided Layer-wise Learning for Deep Models using Side Information

by   Pavel Sulimov, et al.

Training of deep models for classification tasks is hindered by local minima problems and vanishing gradients, while unsupervised layer-wise pretraining does not exploit information from class labels. Here, we propose a new regularization technique, called diversifying regularization (DR), which applies a penalty on hidden units at any layer if they obtain similar features for different types of data. For generative models, DR is defined as divergence over the variational posteriori distributions and included in the maximum likelihood estimation as a prior. Thus, DR includes class label information for greedy pretraining of deep belief networks which result in a better weight initialization for fine-tuning methods. On the other hand, for discriminative training of deep neural networks, DR is defined as a distance over the features and included in the learning objective. With our experimental tests, we show that DR can help the backpropagation to cope with vanishing gradient problems and to provide faster convergence and smaller generalization errors.


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