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Guided Imitation of Task and Motion Planning

by   Michael James McDonald, et al.
berkeley college

While modern policy optimization methods can do complex manipulation from sensory data, they struggle on problems with extended time horizons and multiple sub-goals. On the other hand, task and motion planning (TAMP) methods scale to long horizons but they are computationally expensive and need to precisely track world state. We propose a method that draws on the strength of both methods: we train a policy to imitate a TAMP solver's output. This produces a feed-forward policy that can accomplish multi-step tasks from sensory data. First, we build an asynchronous distributed TAMP solver that can produce supervision data fast enough for imitation learning. Then, we propose a hierarchical policy architecture that lets us use partially trained control policies to speed up the TAMP solver. In robotic manipulation tasks with 7-DoF joint control, the partially trained policies reduce the time needed for planning by a factor of up to 2.6. Among these tasks, we can learn a policy that solves the RoboSuite 4-object pick-place task 88 pose observations and a policy that solves the RoboDesk 9-goal benchmark 79 the time from RGB images (averaged across the 9 disparate tasks).


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