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GUIDE for a blended learning system

by   Mokhtar Ben Henda, et al.

This guide is proposed as an operational instrument for CONFRASIE member universities (Regional Rectors' Conference of AUF member institutions in Pacific-Asia) in their projects to set up a blended learning system for bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate degrees. It is structured in sections corresponding to a complete process of operationalizing a blended learning system, from the definition of an implementation strategy to the assessment of results. This guide covers also conceptual and theoretical fundamentals of distance learning as well as methodological and procedural tips and recommendations on how to implement blended learning in an existing face-to-face curriculum. It can serve for leaders of educational ICT-based projects as a guidance document to take pedagogical, technological and methodological decisions for the development, monitoring and assessment of a blended learning curricula. This guide can be augmented by other standards, tool and software manuals offering further training materials and guidelines on educational skills ans=d services.


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