Group-wise classification approach to improve Android malicious apps detection accuracy

by   Ashu Sharma, et al.

In the fast-growing smart devices, Android is the most popular OS, and due to its attractive features, mobility, ease of use, these devices hold sensitive information such as personal data, browsing history, shopping history, financial details, etc. Therefore, any security gap in these devices means that the information stored or accessing the smart devices are at high risk of being breached by the malware. These malware are continuously growing and are also used for military espionage, disrupting the industry, power grids, etc. To detect these malware, traditional signature matching techniques are widely used. However, such strategies are not capable to detect the advanced Android malicious apps because malware developer uses several obfuscation techniques. Hence, researchers are continuously addressing the security issues in the Android based smart devices. Therefore, in this paper using Drebin benchmark malware dataset we experimentally demonstrate how to improve the detection accuracy by analyzing the apps after grouping the collected data based on the permissions and achieved 97.15 outperform the accuracy obtained without grouping data (79.27 al. (94 2017)) and Ali Feizollah, et al. (95.5 among the groups, Microphone group detection accuracy is least while Calendar group apps are detected with the highest accuracy, and with the highest accuracy, and for the best performance, one shall take 80-100 features.


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