Green Computer Science Millennial Students Examination

by   Leon Andretti Abdillah, et al.

Smartphones as one of information technology products have been affected higher education in various aspects. This article explains the useness of smartphones in facilitating online examination in information systems and computer science students. The research objective to be achieved by the researchers through the research, are as follows: 1) Utilizing smartphone as a media test online exam for green computing environment, 2) How to use social information technologies in online test, and 3) Explore the facilities or features that could be used for the online exam implementation. The observation was conducted with 100 students as respondents. Researcher used google forms to disseminate questions for online examination. The findings of the research showed that most the college students used Android OS for their online examination. Social technology like google forms has rich features in supporting online examination for computer science students. The use of smartphones, google forms, and facebook can create an atmosphere of modern, green computer science exams, efficient, and environmentally friendly.


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