Graphs of Joint Types, Noninteractive Simulation, and Stronger Hypercontractivity

by   Lei Yu, et al.

In this paper, we introduce the concept of a type graph, namely a bipartite graph induced by a joint type. We study the maximum edge density of induced bipartite subgraphs of this graph having a number of vertices on each side on an exponential scale. This can be seen as an isoperimetric problem. We provide asymptotically sharp bounds for the exponent of the maximum edge density as the blocklength goes to infinity. We also study the biclique rate region of the type graph, which is defined as the set of (R_1,R_2) such that there exists a biclique of the type graph which has respectively e^nR_1 and e^nR_2 vertices on two sides. We provide asymptotically sharp bounds for the biclique rate region as well. We then apply our results and proof ideas to noninteractive simulation problems. We completely characterize the exponents of maximum and minimum joint probabilities when the marginal probabilities vanish exponentially fast with given exponents. These results can be seen as strong small-set expansion theorems. We extend the noninteractive simulation problem by replacing Boolean functions with arbitrary nonnegative functions, and obtain new hypercontractivity inequalities which are stronger than the common hypercontractivity inequalities. Furthermore, as an application of our results, a new outer bound for the zero-error capacity region of the binary adder channel is provided, which improves the previously best known bound, due to Austrin, Kaski, Koivisto, and Nederlof. Our proofs in this paper are based on the method of types, linear algebra, and coupling techniques.



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