Graph Processing on FPGAs: Taxonomy, Survey, Challenges

by   Maciej Besta, et al.

Graph processing has become an important part of various areas, such as machine learning, computational sciences, medical applications, social network analysis, and many others. Various graphs, for example web or social networks, may contain up to trillions of edges. The sheer size of such datasets, combined with the irregular nature of graph processing, poses unique challenges for the runtime and the consumed power. Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) can be an energy-efficient solution to deliver specialized hardware for graph processing. This is reflected by the recent interest in developing various graph algorithms and graph processing frameworks on FPGAs. To facilitate understanding of this emerging domain, we present the first survey and taxonomy on graph processing on FPGAs. Our survey describes and categorizes existing schemes and explains key ideas. Finally, we discuss research and engineering challenges to outline the future of graph processing on FPGAs.



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