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Graph Learning Augmented Heterogeneous Graph Neural Network for Social Recommendation

by   Yiming Zhang, et al.
Tongji University, Inc.
William & Mary

Social recommendation based on social network has achieved great success in improving the performance of recommendation system. Since social network (user-user relations) and user-item interactions are both naturally represented as graph-structured data, Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) have thus been widely applied for social recommendation. In this work, we propose an end-to-end heterogeneous global graph learning framework, namely Graph Learning Augmented Heterogeneous Graph Neural Network (GL-HGNN) for social recommendation. GL-HGNN aims to learn a heterogeneous global graph that makes full use of user-user relations, user-item interactions and item-item similarities in a unified perspective. To this end, we design a Graph Learner (GL) method to learn and optimize user-user and item-item connections separately. Moreover, we employ a Heterogeneous Graph Neural Network (HGNN) to capture the high-order complex semantic relations from our learned heterogeneous global graph. To scale up the computation of graph learning, we further present the Anchor-based Graph Learner (AGL) to reduce computational complexity. Extensive experiments on four real-world datasets demonstrate the effectiveness of our model.


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