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Graph-guided Architecture Search for Real-time Semantic Segmentation

by   Peiwen Lin, et al.
SenseTime Corporation
Zhejiang University

Designing a lightweight semantic segmentation network often requires researchers to find a trade-off between performance and speed, which is always empirical due to the limited interpretability of neural networks. In order to release researchers from these tedious mechanical trials, we propose a Graph-guided Architecture Search (GAS) pipeline to automatically search real-time semantic segmentation networks. Unlike previous works that use a simplified search space and stack a repeatable cell to form a network, we introduce a novel search mechanism with new search space where a lightweight model can be effectively explored through the cell-level diversity and latencyoriented constraint. Specifically, to produce the cell-level diversity, the cell-sharing constraint is eliminated through the cell-independent manner. Then a graph convolution network (GCN) is seamlessly integrated as a communication mechanism between cells. Finally, a latency-oriented constraint is endowed into the search process to balance the speed and performance. Extensive experiments on Cityscapes and CamVid datasets demonstrate that GAS achieves new state-of-the-art trade-off between accuracy and speed. In particular, on Cityscapes dataset, GAS achieves the new best performance of 73.3


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