Going Paperless – Main Challenges in EDRMS Implementation – Case of Georgia

by   Teona Gelashvili, et al.

National governments are eager to incorporate information and communication technologies in their administrative agenda. Even though transformation from traditional to digital methods seem attractive, there are obstacles which come along with this change. Since countries are continuously implementing ICT-based technologies, the need for investigating the factors hindering their adoption becomes crucial. The main objective of this study is to inquire Electronic Documents and Records Management Systems (EDRMS) in the context of eGovernment. The centre of the investigation is how EDRMS could raise efficiency in public service delivery. Within the scope of this research, the associated challenges of the EDRMS implementation, possible ways to tackle those challenges and achieved benefits were analysed. For thorough examination, exploratory case study method was chosen, and the case of Georgia was investigated. For drawing conclusions and finding answers to the imposed questions qualitative approach was selected. Different ICT adoption theories and case study examples were analysed, among which the Estonian case was taken as a successful model. Empirical data collection was also an integral part of the study during which interviews with state officials, as well as experts, were conducted, and the questionnaire among civil servants was distributed. As a result of the research, the main aspects of the EDRMS implementation were evaluated, and the prospect of the possible future study was imposed.


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