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Goal-Aware RSS for Complex Scenarios via Program Logic

by   Ichiro Hasuo, et al.

We introduce a goal-aware extension of responsibility-sensitive safety (RSS), a recent methodology for rule-based safety guarantee for automated driving systems (ADS). Making RSS rules guarantee goal achievement – in addition to collision avoidance as in the original RSS – requires complex planning over long sequences of manoeuvres. To deal with the complexity, we introduce a compositional reasoning framework based on program logic, in which one can systematically develop RSS rules for smaller subscenarios and combine them to obtain RSS rules for bigger scenarios. As the basis of the framework, we introduce a program logic dFHL that accommodates continuous dynamics and safety conditions. Our framework presents a dFHL-based workflow for deriving goal-aware RSS rules; we discuss its software support, too. We conducted experimental evaluation using RSS rules in a safety architecture. Its results show that goal-aware RSS is indeed effective in realising both collision avoidance and goal achievement.


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