Globally-scalable Automated Target Recognition (GATR)

09/10/2020 ∙ by Gary Chern, et al. ∙ 85

GATR (Globally-scalable Automated Target Recognition) is a Lockheed Martin software system for real-time object detection and classification in satellite imagery on a worldwide basis. GATR uses GPU-accelerated deep learning software to quickly search large geographic regions. On a single GPU it processes imagery at a rate of over 16 square km/sec (or more than 10 Mpixels/sec), and it requires only two hours to search the entire state of Pennsylvania for gas fracking wells. The search time scales linearly with the geographic area, and the processing rate scales linearly with the number of GPUs. GATR has a modular, cloud-based architecture that uses the Maxar GBDX platform and provides an ATR analytic as a service. Applications include broad area search, watch boxes for monitoring ports and airfields, and site characterization. ATR is performed by deep learning models including RetinaNet and Faster R-CNN. Results are presented for the detection of aircraft and fracking wells and show that the recalls exceed 90 is extensible to new targets, such as cars and ships, and it also handles radar and infrared imagery.



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