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Global Systems Performance Analysis For Mobile Communications (GSM) using Cellular Network CODECS

by   Maphuthego Etu Maditsi, et al.

Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) is a cellular network that is popular and has been growing in recent years. It was developed to solve fragmentation issues of the first cellular system, and it addresses digital modulation methods, level of the network structure, and services. It is fundamental for organizations to become learning organizations to keep up with the technology changes for network services to be at a competitive level. A simulation analysis using the NetSim tool in this paper is presented for comparing different cellular network codecs for GSM network performance. These parameters such as throughput, delay, and jitter are analyzed for the quality of service provided by each network codec. Unicast application for the cellular network is modeled for different network scenarios. Depending on the evaluation and simulation, it was discovered that G.711, GSM_FR, and GSM-EFR performed better than the other codecs, and they are considered to be the best codecs for cellular networks. These codecs will be of best use to better the performance of the network in the near future.


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