Global Road Damage Detection: State-of-the-art Solutions

by   Deeksha Arya, et al.

This paper summarizes the Global Road Damage Detection Challenge (GRDDC), a Big Data Cup organized as a part of the IEEE International Conference on Big Data'2020. The Big Data Cup challenges involve a released dataset and a well-defined problem with clear evaluation metrics. The challenges run on a data competition platform that maintains a leaderboard for the participants. In the presented case, the data constitute 26336 road images collected from India, Japan, and the Czech Republic to propose methods for automatically detecting road damages in these countries. In total, 121 teams from several countries registered for this competition. The submitted solutions were evaluated using two datasets test1 and test2, comprising 2,631 and 2,664 images. This paper encapsulates the top 12 solutions proposed by these teams. The best performing model utilizes YOLO-based ensemble learning to yield an F1 score of 0.67 on test1 and 0.66 on test2. The paper concludes with a review of the facets that worked well for the presented challenge and those that could be improved in future challenges.



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