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Global Convergence of the ODE Limit for Online Actor-Critic Algorithms in Reinforcement Learning

by   Ziheng Wang, et al.

Actor-critic algorithms are widely used in reinforcement learning, but are challenging to mathematically analyze due to the online arrival of non-i.i.d. data samples. The distribution of the data samples dynamically changes as the model is updated, introducing a complex feedback loop between the data distribution and the reinforcement learning algorithm. We prove that, under a time rescaling, the online actor-critic algorithm with tabular parametrization converges to an ordinary differential equations (ODEs) as the number of updates becomes large. The proof first establishes the geometric ergodicity of the data samples under a fixed actor policy. Then, using a Poisson equation, we prove that the fluctuations of the data samples around a dynamic probability measure, which is a function of the evolving actor model, vanish as the number of updates become large. Once the ODE limit has been derived, we study its convergence properties using a two time-scale analysis which asymptotically de-couples the critic ODE from the actor ODE. The convergence of the critic to the solution of the Bellman equation and the actor to the optimal policy are proven. In addition, a convergence rate to this global minimum is also established. Our convergence analysis holds under specific choices for the learning rates and exploration rates in the actor-critic algorithm, which could provide guidance for the implementation of actor-critic algorithms in practice.


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