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Geometry of the Minimum Volume Confidence Sets

by   Heguang Lin, et al.
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Computation of confidence sets is central to data science and machine learning, serving as the workhorse of A/B testing and underpinning the operation and analysis of reinforcement learning algorithms. This paper studies the geometry of the minimum-volume confidence sets for the multinomial parameter. When used in place of more standard confidence sets and intervals based on bounds and asymptotic approximation, learning algorithms can exhibit improved sample complexity. Prior work showed the minimum-volume confidence sets are the level-sets of a discontinuous function defined by an exact p-value. While the confidence sets are optimal in that they have minimum average volume, computation of membership of a single point in the set is challenging for problems of modest size. Since the confidence sets are level-sets of discontinuous functions, little is apparent about their geometry. This paper studies the geometry of the minimum volume confidence sets by enumerating and covering the continuous regions of the exact p-value function. This addresses a fundamental question in A/B testing: given two multinomial outcomes, how can one determine if their corresponding minimum volume confidence sets are disjoint? We answer this question in a restricted setting.


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