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Geometry of Radial Basis Neural Networks for Safety Biased Approximation of Unsafe Regions

by   Ahmad Abuaish, et al.

Barrier function-based inequality constraints are a means to enforce safety specifications for control systems. When used in conjunction with a convex optimization program, they provide a computationally efficient method to enforce safety for the general class of control-affine systems. One of the main assumptions when taking this approach is the a priori knowledge of the barrier function itself, i.e., knowledge of the safe set. In the context of navigation through unknown environments where the locally safe set evolves with time, such knowledge does not exist. This manuscript focuses on the synthesis of a zeroing barrier function characterizing the safe set based on safe and unsafe sample measurements, e.g., from perception data in navigation applications. Prior work formulated a supervised machine learning algorithm whose solution guaranteed the construction of a zeroing barrier function with specific level-set properties. However, it did not explore the geometry of the neural network design used for the synthesis process. This manuscript describes the specific geometry of the neural network used for zeroing barrier function synthesis, and shows how the network provides the necessary representation for splitting the state space into safe and unsafe regions.


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