Geometric Transformers for Protein Interface Contact Prediction

by   Alex Morehead, et al.

Computational methods for predicting the interface contacts between proteins come highly sought after for drug discovery as they can significantly advance the accuracy of alternative approaches, such as protein-protein docking, protein function analysis tools, and other computational methods for protein bioinformatics. In this work, we present the Geometric Transformer, a novel geometry-evolving graph transformer for rotation and translation-invariant protein interface contact prediction, packaged within DeepInteract, an end-to-end prediction pipeline. DeepInteract predicts partner-specific protein interface contacts (i.e., inter-protein residue-residue contacts) given the 3D tertiary structures of two proteins as input. In rigorous benchmarks, DeepInteract, on challenging protein complex targets from the new Enhanced Database of Interacting Protein Structures (DIPS-Plus) and the 13th and 14th CASP-CAPRI experiments, achieves 17% and 13% top L/5 precision (L: length of a protein unit in a complex), respectively. In doing so, DeepInteract, with the Geometric Transformer as its graph-based backbone, outperforms existing methods for interface contact prediction in addition to other graph-based neural network backbones compatible with DeepInteract, thereby validating the effectiveness of the Geometric Transformer for learning rich relational-geometric features for downstream tasks on 3D protein structures.



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