Generation of Infra sound to replicate a wind turbine

by   Richard Mann, et al.

We have successfully produced infrasound, as a duplicate of that produced by Industrial Wind Turbines. We have been able to produce this Infrasound inside a research chamber, capable of accommodating a human test subject. It is our vision that this project will permit others, with appropriate medical training and ethical oversight, to research human thresholds and the effects of this infrasound on humans. Our role has focused on producing the tools, systems, and hardware required, to permit this research to go forward. This paper describes the evolution of our project from the original vision, through the construction of proof of concept prototypes, a series of improved models and their associated accessories /operating systems, to the final test chamber as it stands now ready to deploy. Also included are the mathematical and computational data supporting our claim that infrasound conditions inside the chamber can be made to duplicate those from actual Industrial wind turbines at approved setback distances.



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