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Generating Templated Caption for Video Grounding

by   Hongxiang Li, et al.
Peking University

Video grounding aims to locate a moment of interest matching the given query sentence from an untrimmed video. Previous works ignore the sparsity dilemma in video annotations, which fails to provide the context information between potential events and query sentences in the dataset. In this paper, we contend that providing easily available captions which describe general actions , templated captions defined in our paper, will significantly boost the performance. To this end, we propose a Templated Caption Network (TCNet) for video grounding. Specifically, we first introduce dense video captioning to generate dense captions, and then obtain templated captions by Non-Templated Caption Suppression (NTCS). To utilize templated captions better, we propose Caption Guided Attention (CGA) project the semantic relations between templated captions and query sentences into temporal space and fuse them into visual representations. Considering the gap between templated captions and ground truth, we propose Asymmetric Dual Matching Supervised Contrastive Learning (ADMSCL) for constructing more negative pairs to maximize cross-modal mutual information. Without bells and whistles, extensive experiments on three public datasets (, ActivityNet Captions, TACoS and ActivityNet-CG) demonstrate that our method significantly outperforms state-of-the-art methods.


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