Generalized threshold arrangements

by   A. R. Balasubramanian, et al.

An arrangement of hyperplanes is a finite collection of hyperplanes in a real Euclidean space. To such a collection one associates the characteristic polynomial that encodes the combinatorics of intersections of the hyperplanes. Finding the characteristic polynomial of the Shi threshold and the Catalan threshold arrangements was an open problem in Stanley's list of problems in [1]. Seunghyun Seo solved both the problems by clever arguments using the finite field method in [3,4]. However, in his paper, he left open the problem of computing the characteristic polynomial of a broader class of threshold arrangements, the so-called "generalized threshold" arrangements whose defining set of hyperplanes is given by x_i + x_j = -l,-l+1,...,m-1,m for 1 < i < j < n where l,m ∈N. In this paper, we present a method for computing the characteristic polynomial of this family of arrangements.



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