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Generalized smoothed particle hydrodynamics with overset methods in total Lagrangian formulations

by   Huachao Deng, et al.

This study proposes a generalized coordinates based smoothed particle hydrodynamics (GSPH) method with overset methods using a Total Lagrangian (TL) formulation for large deformation and crack propagation problems. In the proposed GSPH, the physical space is decomposed into multiple domains, each of which is mapped to a local coordinate space (generalized space) to avoid coordinate singularities as well as to flexibly change the spatial resolution. The smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) particles are then non-uniformly, e.g., typically in the boundary-conforming way, distributed in the physical space while they are defined uniformly in each generalized space similarly to the normal SPH method, which are numerically related by a coordinate transformation matrix. By solving a governing equation in each generalized space, the shape and size of the SPH kernel can be spatially changed in the physical space so that a spatial resolution is adaptively varied a priori depending on the deformation characteristics, and thus, a low-cost calculation with the less number of particles is achieved in complex shape structures.


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