Generalized Optimal Two-way Relays Subsets Pairings in Cloud-based Region Cognitive Networks

09/11/2019 ∙ by He Huang, et al. ∙ 0

Communication reliability improving is one of most important research requirements in cognitive networks, as 5G communications technology rapidly develop nowadays. In this paper, we propose generalized optimal cloud-based region relays subsets paring model in underlay dual-hop cognitive networks, this unified model reveals three relays nodes characteristics of cloud-based cooperative networks in the nearby area- A subset, only needs receiving for first hop, B subset, just receive and forward, C subset, only forwarding. In addition, this generalized model can be converted into various classical relay selection algorithms when A, B and C subsets are taken as special selection values [Table II]. Furthermore, we put forward optimal relays subsets pairings and replacement algorithm flowchart to improve minimum outage probability (OP) for communication reliability, and prove that optimal relays subsets pairings (A, B, C) will better guarantee reliability of communication, comparing other popular relays selection schemes. Simulation results show that optimal relays paired subsets are exist and this generalized algorithm enormously reduces OP, comparing other selection algorithms.



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