Generalized Grasping for Mechanical Grippers for Unknown Objects with Partial Point Cloud Representations

06/23/2020 ∙ by Michael Hegedus, et al. ∙ 9

We present a generalized grasping algorithm that uses point clouds (i.e. a group of points and their respective surface normals) to discover grasp pose solutions for multiple grasp types, executed by a mechanical gripper, in near real-time. The algorithm introduces two ideas: 1) a histogram of finger contact normals is used to represent a grasp 'shape' to guide a gripper orientation search in a histogram of object(s) surface normals, and 2) voxel grid representations of gripper and object(s) are cross-correlated to match finger contact points, i.e. grasp 'size', to discover a grasp pose. Constraints, such as collisions with neighbouring objects, are optionally incorporated in the cross-correlation computation. We show via simulations and experiments that 1) grasp poses for three grasp types can be found in near real-time, 2) grasp pose solutions are consistent with respect to voxel resolution changes for both partial and complete point cloud scans, and 3) a planned grasp is executed with a mechanical gripper.



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