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Generalized Degrees of Freedom of the Symmetric Cache-Aided MISO Broadcast Channel with Partial CSIT

by   Enrico Piovano, et al.

We consider a wireless network in which K transmitters, each equipped with a single antenna, fully cooperate to serve K single antenna receivers, each equipped with a cache memory. The transmitters have access to partial knowledge of the channel state information. For a symmetric setting, in terms of channel strength levels, partial channel knowledge levels and cache sizes, we characterize the generalized degrees of freedom (GDoF) up to a constant multiplicative factor. The achievability scheme exploits the interplay between spatial multiplexing gains and coded-multicasting gain. On the other hand, a cut-set argument in conjunction with a new application of the aligned image sets approach are used to derive the outer bound. We further show that the characterized order-optimal GDoF is also attained in a decentralized setting, where no coordination is required for content placement in the caches.


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