Generalized bounce back boundary condition for the nine velocities two-dimensional lattice Boltzmann scheme

by   François Dubois, et al.

In a previous work, we have proposed a method for the analysis of the bounce back boundary condition with the Taylor expansion method in the linear case. In this work two new schemes of modified bounce back are proposed. The first one is based on the expansion of the iteration of the internal scheme of the lattice Boltzmann method. The analysis puts in evidence some defects and a generalized version is proposed with a set of essentially four possible parameters to adjust. We propose to reduce this number to two with the elimination of spurious density first order terms. Thus a new scheme for bounce back is found exact up to second order and allows an accurate simulation of the Poiseuille flow for a specific combination of the relaxation and boundary coefficients. We have validated the general expansion of the value in the first cell in terms of given values on the boundary for a stationary "accordion" test case.



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