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Generalized 3D Voxel Image Synthesis Architecture for Volumetric Spatial Visualization

by   Anas M. Al-Oraiqat, et al.

A general concept of 3D volumetric visualization systems is described based on 3D discrete voxel scenes (worlds) representation. Definitions of 3D discrete voxel scene (world) basic elements and main steps of the image synthesis algorithm are formulated. An algorithm for solving the problem of the voxelized world 3D image synthesis, intended for the systems of volumetric spatial visualization, is proposed. A computer-based architecture for 3D volumetric visualization of 3D discrete voxel world is presented. On the basis of the proposed overall concept of discrete voxel representation, the proposed architecture successfully adapts the ray tracing technique for the synthesis of 3D volumetric images. Since it is algorithmically simple and effectively supports parallelism, it can efficiently be implemented. Key words:Volumetric spatial visualization, 3D volumetric imagesynthesis, discrete voxel world, ray tracing.


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