Gauges and Accelerated Optimization over Smooth and/or Strongly Convex Sets

by   Ning Liu, et al.

We consider feasibility and constrained optimization problems defined over smooth and/or strongly convex sets. These notions mirror their popular function counterparts but are much less explored in the first-order optimization literature. We propose new scalable, projection-free, accelerated first-order methods in these settings. Our methods avoid linear optimization or projection oracles, only using cheap one-dimensional linesearches and normal vector computations. Despite this, we derive optimal accelerated convergence guarantees of O(1/T) for strongly convex problems, O(1/T^2) for smooth problems, and accelerated linear convergence given both. Our algorithms and analysis are based on novel characterizations of the Minkowski gauge of smooth and/or strongly convex sets, which may be of independent interest: although the gauge is neither smooth nor strongly convex, we show the gauge squared inherits any structure present in the set.


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