Game-theoretic Modeling of Traffic in Unsignalized Intersection Network for Autonomous Vehicle Control Verification and Validation

by   Ran Tian, et al.

For a foreseeable future, autonomous vehicles (AVs) will operate in traffic together with human-driven vehicles. The AV planning and control systems need extensive testing, including early-stage testing in simulations where the interactions among autonomous/human-driven vehicles are represented. Motivated by the need for such simulation tools, we propose a game-theoretic approach to modeling vehicle interactions, in particular, for urban traffic environments with unsignalized intersections. We develop traffic models with heterogeneous (in terms of their driving styles) and interactive vehicles based on our proposed approach, and use them for virtual testing, evaluation, and calibration of AV control systems. For illustration, we consider two AV control approaches, analyze their characteristics and performance based on the simulation results with our developed traffic models, and optimize the parameters of one of them.



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