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Galvanalyser: A Battery Test Database

by   Adam Lewis-Douglas, et al.

Performance and lifetime testing of batteries requires considerable effort and expensive specialist equipment. A wide range of potentiostats and battery testers are available on the market, but there is no standardisation of data exchange and data storage between them. To address this, we present Galvanalyser, a battery test database developed to manage the growing challenges of collating, managing and accessing data produced by multiple different battery testers. Collation is managed by a client-side application, the `Harvester', which pushes new data up to a PostgreSQL database on a server. Data access is possible in two ways: firstly, a web application allows data to be searched and viewed in a browser, with the option to plot data; secondly, a Python application programming interface (API) can connect directly to the database and pull requested data sets into Python. We hope to make Galvanalyser openly available soon. If you wish to test the system, please contact us for early access.


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