fybrrChat: A Distributed Chat Application for Secure P2P Messaging

by   Debajyoti Halder, et al.

The growing demand for connecting with each other across the world has proved to be a boon to the growth of social media platforms. But when it comes to ensuring the privacy and security of the platform, the control is in hands of few monopolies. Some claim to provide a secure medium of communication but their exploitation of users and misusing users' data with their centralized control over the policies has led to various controversies. Lack of trust towards these organisations have made people skeptical towards using these applications for extremely secure communication use-cases. Thus, a system with no central organisation in control and a trustless network is required. A trustless network is a network which does not requires the participants (users) to trust any central authority. These nodes themselves, as a group, can be trusted to make a decision which aligns with the interests of all. This is accompanied by a distributed network, where peers are connected to each other to form a mesh-like network called Swarm. This distributed network of connected peers is often attributed as the internet of tomorrow. The total number of monthly active users on the top 3 chat applications surpassed 4 billion users in July 2019. As of Oct 2020, WhatsApp alone has 2 billion monthly active users sending around 100 billion messages per day. With such vast number of people relying on chat applications, making these applications highly secure becomes a task of paramount importance.


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