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FV Time: a formally verified Coq library

by   Ana de Almeida Borges, et al.

FV Time is a small-scale verification project developed in the Coq proof assistant using the Mathematical Components libraries. It is a library for managing conversions between time formats (UTC and timestamps), as well as commonly used functions for time arithmetic. As a library for time conversions, its novelty is the implementation of leap seconds, which are part of the UTC standard but usually not implemented in existing libraries. Since the verified functions of FV Time are reasonably simple yet non-trivial, it nicely illustrates our methodology for verifying software with Coq. In this paper we present a description of the project, emphasizing the main problems faced while developing the library, as well as some general-purpose solutions that were produced as by-products and may be used in other verification projects. These include a refinement package between proof-oriented MathComp numbers and computation-oriented primitive numbers from the Coq standard library, as well as a set of tactics to automatically prove certain arithmetical statements through brute-force computation.


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