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Fuzzy Logic Based Direct Torque Control Of Induction Motor With Space Vector Modulation

by   Fatih Korkmaz, et al.

The induction motors have wide range of applications for due to its well-known advantages like brushless structures, low costs and robust performances. Over the past years, many kind of control methods are proposed for the induction motors and direct torque control has gained huge importance inside of them due to fast dynamic torque responses and simple control structures. However, the direct torque control method has still some handicaps against the other control methods and most of the important of these handicaps is high torque ripple. This paper suggests a new approach, Fuzzy logic based space vector modulation, on the direct torque controlled induction motors and aim of the approach is to overcome high torque ripple disadvantages of conventional direct torque control. In order to test and compare the proposed direct torque control method with conventional direct torque control method simulations, in Matlab/Simulink,have been carried out in different working conditions. The simulation results showed that a significant improvement in the dynamic torque and speed responses when compared to the conventional direct torque control method.


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