Fuzzy Classification of Facial Component Parameters

06/30/2010 ∙ by S. Halder, et al. ∙ 0

This paper presents a novel type-2 Fuzzy logic System to define the Shape of a facial component with the crisp output. This work is the part of our main research effort to design a system (called FASY) which offers a novel face construction approach based on the textual description and also extracts and analyzes the facial components from a face image by an efficient technique. The Fuzzy model, designed in this paper, takes crisp value of width and height of a facial component and produces the crisp value of Shape for different facial components. This method is designed using Matlab 6.5 and Visual Basic 6.0 and tested with the facial components extracted from 200 male and female face images of different ages from different face databases.



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