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Future Smart Connected Communities to Fight COVID-19 Outbreak

by   Deepti Gupta, et al.
Tennessee Tech University
The University of Texas at San Antonio

Internet of Things (IoT) has grown rapidly in the last decade and continue to develop in terms of dimension and complexity offering wide range of devices to support diverse set of applications. With ubiquitous Internet, connected sensors and actuators, networking and communication technology, and artificial intelligence (AI), smart cyber-physical systems (CPS) provide services rendering assistance to humans in their daily lives. However, the recent outbreak of COVID-19 (also known as coronavirus) pandemic has exposed and highlighted the limitations of current technological deployments to curtail this disease. IoT and smart connected technologies together with data-driven applications can play a crucial role not only in prevention, continuous monitoring, and mitigation of the disease, but also enable prompt enforcement of guidelines, rules and government orders to contain such future outbreaks. In this paper, we envision an IoT-enabled ecosystem for intelligent monitoring, pro-active prevention and control, and mitigation of COVID-19. We propose different architectures, applications and technology systems for various smart infrastructures including E-health, smart home, smart supply chain management, smart locality, and smart city, to develop future connected communities to manage and mitigate similar outbreaks. Furthermore, we present research challenges together with future directions to enable and develop these smart communities and infrastructures to fight and prepare against such outbreaks.


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