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Fusion-DHL: WiFi, IMU, and Floorplan Fusion for Dense History of Locations in Indoor Environments

by   Sachini Herath, et al.

The paper proposes a multi-modal sensor fusion algorithm that fuses WiFi, IMU, and floorplan information to infer an accurate and dense location history in indoor environments. The algorithm uses 1) an inertial navigation algorithm to estimate a relative motion trajectory from IMU sensor data; 2) a WiFi-based localization API in industry to obtain positional constraints and geo-localize the trajectory; and 3) a convolutional neural network to refine the location history to be consistent with the floorplan. We have developed a data acquisition app to build a new dataset with WiFi, IMU, and floorplan data with ground-truth positions at 4 university buildings and 3 shopping malls. Our qualitative and quantitative evaluations demonstrate that the proposed system is able to produce twice as accurate and a few orders of magnitude denser location history than the current standard, while requiring minimal additional energy consumption. We will publicly share our code, data and models.


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Fusion-DHL: WiFi, IMU, and Floorplan Fusion for Dense History of Locations in Indoor Environments

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