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Fusing electrical and elasticity imaging

by   Andreas Hauptmann, et al.

Electrical and elasticity imaging are promising modalities for a suite of different applications including medical tomography, non-destructive testing, and structural health monitoring. These emerging modalities are capable of providing remote, non-invasive, and low cost opportunities. Unfortunately, both modalities are severely ill-posed nonlinear inverse problems, susceptive to noise and modelling errors. Nevertheless, the ability to incorporate complimentary data sets obtained simultaneously offers mutually-beneficial information. By fusing electrical and elastic modalities as a joint problem we are afforded the possibility to stabilise the inversion process via the utilisation of auxiliary information from both modalities as well as joint structural operators. In this study, we will discuss a possible approach to combine electrical and elasticity imaging in a joint reconstruction problem giving rise to novel multi-modality applications for use in both medical and structural engineering.


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