Fully Dynamic MIS in Uniformly Sparse Graphs

08/30/2018 ∙ by Krzysztof Onak, et al. ∙ 0

We consider the problem of maintaining a maximal independent set (MIS) in a dynamic graph subject to edge insertions and deletions. Recently, Assadi, Onak, Schieber and Solomon (STOC 2018) showed that an MIS can be maintained in sublinear (in the dynamically changing number of edges) amortized update time. In this paper we significantly improve the update time for uniformly sparse graphs. Specifically, for graphs with arboricity α, the amortized update time of our algorithm is O(α^2 ·^2 n), where n is the number of vertices. For low arboricity graphs, which include, for example, minor-free graphs as well as some classes of `real world' graphs, our update time is polylogarithmic. Our update time improves the result of Assadi et al. for all graphs with arboricity bounded by m^3/8 - ϵ, for any constant ϵ > 0. This covers much of the range of possible values for arboricity, as the arboricity of a general graph cannot exceed m^1/2.



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