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Fully Automated HTML and Javascript Rewriting for Constructing a Self-healing Web Proxy

by   Thomas Durieux, et al.

Over the last few years, the complexity of web applications has increased to provide more dynamic web applications to users. The drawback of this complexity is the growing number of errors in the front-end applications. In this paper, we present BikiniProxy, a novel technique to provide self-healing for the web. BikiniProxy is designed as an HTTP proxy that uses five self-healing strategies to rewrite the buggy HTML and Javascript code. We evaluate BikiniProxy with a new benchmark of 555 reproducible Javascript errors, DeadClick. We create DeadClick by randomly crawling the Internet and collect all web pages that contain Javascript errors. Then, we observe how BikiniProxy heals those errors by collecting and comparing the traces of the original and healed pages. To sum up, BikiniProxy is a novel fully-automated self-healing approach that is specific to the web, evaluated on 555 real Javascript errors, and based on original self-healing rewriting strategies for HTML and Javascript.


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